Hey There! Is Working with Me Right for You?

I can Best Help You in 1 of 3 Ways


I help Individuals who feel "Feel Lost" after all their tests and blood work came back "normal" and yet they still feel horrible all the time. They have a gut feeling something isn't right and they are just missing something. They know if they keep going down this path of "let's wait and see" their health is only going to get worse.

They know if they want to get healthy they have to take matter into their own hands, before it is too late.

They are ready and willing to make changes but they don't have the time to get all the bump and bruising along the way (learning curve):

  • They want result quickly but know they need a guide, a mentor, a teacher to LEAD, TEACH, and INSPIRE them if they want to avoid the pain of trying to figure things out on their own.

  • They want a proven repeatable step-by-step method (path) they can rely on to add to their current lifestyle that brings results without taking up too much time, energy, and effort.

  • They want to make their own health goals and have someone hold them accountable to reach their goals and not just a number on a test or bloodwork.


I work with individuals who "Feel Broken" because every doctor, specialist, and expert they have gone to has taken them through what we call the medical merry-go-round.

They have been passed around from doctor to doctor who runs test after test prescribed medication after medication hoping it will help them when in reality it is making things even worse.

They decided if they want to get better they needed to take matters into their own hands by changing the way they eat with the latest fad diet (keto, paleo, gluten & dairy-free), take a handful of supplements several times a day, and started to exercise, only to find themselves in bed for the next 3 days with "flareups".

They "feel broken" because after doing all this they find themselves worse off than when they started. They find themselves on the edge of giving up, losing hope of ever feeling better but then they look around and find a reason to keep pushing forward to keep searching for the cause of "why" they are still sick so that they can take the necessary steps to finally fix it and begin to experience health and life once again on their own terms.

  • They want to experience a quick change to know they are not broken and can heal, but they also know they need a proven method to guide them along the journey.

  • They want a support system that can hold them accountable and who they can hold accountable

  • They know they need a guide, mentor, health coach, and a teacher to guide them through the ups and downs of healing so they can focus on what matters most in life, living it without regret.


I work with Individuals who feel both "Broken" and "Lost".

Broken because every doctor or specialist they have seen and worked with intently by following their recommendations of medication, supplements, diet changes, exercise, injections, IV treatments, pellets, surgeries, rehab, get more sleep, reduction of stress, meditation, and counseling. The list goes on and on of things they have tried that did not work, leaving them withdrawn, angry, frustrated, and "Lost."

Lost because they have exhausted everything they know how to do on their own and feel like they have hit max capacity of healing with all the doctors, specialists, and experts. They have been there and done that with the t-shirt to prove it.

The thought of seeing another person and taking another pill makes them sick to their stomach because they have had their fair share of broken promises and failed guarantees.

They know they cannot live like this anymore but they also know they cannot do it on their own.

  • They are looking for and are in need of a guide, a health coach, a doctor to guide them through the thick and thins of healing

  • They are looking to find a team that will hold them accountable and in turn who they can hold accountable as they work together to get well.

  • They are looking for a solution that brings both short-term relief and long-term change to prevent problems in the future.

  • They don't want to mask the problem anymore or become reliant on anyone else for their health. They want to be EMPOWERED with the tools to get them results and grow their health year after year.



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